Alternate Text
Tabscroller is an autoscroll chrome extension developed especially for playing sheet music, tablatures or chords including your own PDF/Text files in the most comfortable and fluent way. Finally, you can focus on your playing and nothing else.

Autoscroll - Autoscrolls any website opened by chrome. play, pause, stop (scrolls to the top of the page) and replay buttons

scroll speed control- set your scroll speed, either by the speed bar or preset buttons using the mouse or keyboard

PDF files - load your own local PDF files in a special pdf viewer

Google Docs - load your own files google docs

Text files - load your own local Text files. just drag the file into the browser and use the extension

Metronome - enable / disable metronome click while auto scrolling

Full keyboard control - each control on the panel can be controlled via a keyboard shortcut. Just click the info icon and the full list of the shortcuts will appear

Save your settings - settings are saved automatically for each url and will be loaded each time you return to it

Zoom in/out

Even though Tabscroller is aimed for musician, it works on any web site and you can find others usages for it such as: reading, pictures ... and more.

Keyboard shortcuts

enter, space - play/pause
r - replay
t - stop
scroll up
scroll down
decrease speed
increase speed
k - Keyboard Info
ctrl p - open pdf file
ctrl m - metronome on/off
ctrl 1 to 6 - presets 1 to 6
ctrl + zoom in
ctrl - zoom out